“What yesterday was a trend today is outdated”

Marta Pérez, Advertising Account Executive at beon., shares a picture of the industry, its digital and channel trends, and new web techniques.

Define the current status of the advertising industry, your professional field.
As a general rule, clients know the variety of advertising tools available. Our task is to know how to advise and determine which are the strategies the brand should focus on. This will help the work to go in line with what the brand demands and get not lost from the direction marked.

Currently, online and offline go hand in hand and are two areas that coexist perfectly. With different functionalities, working on a joint strategy allows the brand to cover the sector from both scenarios and therefore to present a complete global strategy.

For example, digital advertising is booming and gaining momentum in our industry. Clients know this and therefore they ask for it.

Social media have gained great value in the brand strategy, becoming the main dissemination channel for many of them. Branded content with influencers has risen to a higher level, clearly differentiating itself from the typical advertising spot.

In addition, new web techniques constantly appear that try to optimize customer acquisition strategies and allow us to measure in a much more concrete way the results of each of our campaigns to teach us how to get more fruit in the future.

A new online bidding strategy discussed in 2020 is the ‘Smart bidding’, a tool that enables machine learning to get more conversions and improve the value of each auction.

How is the perfect relationship between agency and clients?
As a starting point, it is necessary to have a clear picture of the environment in which the client’s activity takes place. Being properly informed about their internal structure and their operation field is a required asset in order to offer a good service.

From the very first moment you start working with a client, it is essential to progressively develop a relationship. Setting up a series of work guidelines to follow is a key part of its evolution, and allows us to achieve an optimal result.

It is not always easy to reconcile the agency workflow with that of the client, but that is where the value of the executive lies, plus our ability to know how to measure the pulse of the account.

Progressively, the client-agency relationship is being forged and, although due to crazy daily rhythm we may feel it sometimes as something negative, I think that moments of tension also allow us to strengthen that bond when properly managed.

What aspects would you highlight as essential before starting a campaign?
The management and organization of the client’s account is key. I believe that mastering all the information necessary to develop a project is essential for the work to flow and to offer what is required.

Details that may seem insignificant, may involve improper executions afterwards.

Likewise, for the day-to-day evolution to be positive, it is good that the parties possess all the available information and thus be able to take off and maximize all functions.

Avoiding internal blockages in the workflow due to lack of communication helps us offer the client the result they expect.

Advertising formats have evolved over the years, but which element always remains in ad strategies?
When we offer a 360º strategy covering different communication aspects, we are able to provide a broader vision of the subject. Thus, it is not only necessary to focus on a single channel to be able to communicate a brand but it is also possible that different approaches from different places develop and conclude on the same common objective.

The target of a brand can contain multiple segmentations and presenting a strategy that includes a set of channels is likely to reach them more safely.

When you start a new project, which are the first steps to follow to set it in motion up to end bringing customer loyalty?
Knowing what the client demands from us and having a clear vision of the project is essential for our work to proceed in an ideal way.

In addition, it allows the executive to evaluate from the very first moment key questions that we need to know before starting work.

Thus, the transfer of information to the different teams involved in the project will be as smooth and effective as possible.

How would you value creativity and innovation in advertising campaigns?
As an agency we must provide the differential value that the client needs by providing the most innovative and effective solution to reach the objectives of their project, distinguishing us from the rest of competitors.

We must be aware of the constant change our industry undergoes and be aware of the new techniques that the market offers today. Therefore, the constant creation and improvement of our work techniques is essential.

Without realizing it, what today was a trend today suddenly has become obsolete and it is necessary to follow that constant evolution to avoid being left behind.

We have the technical and professional resources to offer bold results, but it is essential that we keep moving forward.