Never seen anything like it before

We have reinvented ourselves to change everything and give one more lap to each lap.
To generate trends, not to follow them.
To turn the surprising into unforgettable. The never seen in habit.
And your brand, in a living brand.
we are beon Worldwide, the leading full-service group of companies
of events, communication, production, entertainment and technology.

Do you want to know
all our portfolio?
Get to know all our projects in events, communication, creativity, production, technology
and entertainment.

be events

We organize events contributing
360º solutions thanks to our
in-house production. we design
experiences, we create emotions.

be communication

A multidisciplinary team
specialized with mastery
marketing, communication
and public relations.

be production

Specialized in the production of Marketing, Communication and Events projects, with the sole purpose of all of them being the creation of unique experiences.

be entertainment

We create the best show.
We produce, we design
and we manage projects
leisure, art, music, cinema, etc.

be technology

We have the latest technology
to offer solutions
technologies adapted to
the needs of each client.

Tell us
your project

If you are here it is because you want to do something big, new, different and unforgettable.
Whether in Madrid, Beijing or in the most inhospitable point of Antarctica. Therefore, in beon. Worldwide, a global and international group of events, communication, production, entertainment and technology, we will be happy to answer all your requests for information. The most specialized team of professionals will answer your requirements as soon as possible.