Communication agencies: expectations for 2020

This year will be an important niche for everything having a social aim, or at least this is how things should be. Agencies are slowly becoming involved in this sphere, and most importantly, generate in brands the need to join this bandwagon effect which is becoming a cultural and communication phenomenon. All change is possible when it stems from conviction, but then it is not enough to accomplish it, one must know to communicate its quiddity, so that this commitment reaches consumers.

Multisegmentation must keep growing, the scope of consumers is every day bigger and wider, ana thus our target specialization needs to meet this relation. Knowing the habits and trends that lead consumers is key in any campaign.

And, finally, digital transformation. A stage that must be already surpassed, resulting in a scenario in which the online/offline division no longer exist. A trend we have been discussing in the last years and that has been subordinated to the social change order created by the new way of consuming information and the versatility of communication channels.

Luis Gandiaga, director general Corporativo de beon. Worldwide