How useful is Twitter Fleets for brands?

The latest feature by Twitter has revolutionized social media world. Tweets that last 24 hours and then disappear automatically: the fleets.

Sounds familiar? Exactly, Twitter has launched its own format of Instagram stories, originally coined by Snapchat.

Users have reacted strongly, and social media platforms, including Twitter, have reflected their discrepancies. Even subscribers have declared that what they loved the most was Twitter’s authenticity, as the rest of platforms shared more similarities.

But, what about brands? How they will take this new tool?

Though fleets have not yet landed in Spain, it is just a question of time that they reach our devices, and brands will sure find an opportunity here, even when the public opinion is now positioned in the no-side.

Fleets may bring influencers back to Twitter. Having the chance of sharing a status or opinion for 24 hours is a very useful tool when appropriately managed. Tener la posibilidad de compartir tu opinión durante 24 horas es una herramienta muy útil, que hay que saber utilizar de forma adecuada.
Let’s not forget that Twitter is a social platform with a very specific target that must be covered by any business brand strategy.

If we think about it, fleets open up a very wide range of commercial opportunities. Although it is still too early to affirm its success, advertising in this new location will be a reality, and it will surely land on Twitter in the same way that it currently operates on Instagram. It seems that we already have a new niche to promote our brand.

This is why it is crucial to be a pioneer in this new Twitter tool, and analyze users’ reactions to those first testings, and beon. Worldwide always relies on innovation, technology, and industry trends.