Technology that empower events

Events are one of the main drivers of brand positioning, brand launch, and a powerful way to create an emotional bond with the client. And if events are in constant evolution, technology is even more so.

Now, we must know how to leverage technology and use it as a shuttle to boost our event.

Creating experiences and connecting with users in an emotional way should be a primary goal in this type of actions.

Many companies are starting to implement technological advances in their events. And beon. is a leader in designing, organizing and executing this type of experiences creating unique emotions with cutting-edge technology. Some examples of these creative techniques:

  • Projection mapping: Images are casted on real surfaces creating optical illusions and motion effects empowering the user experience.
  • Leap Motion: 3D gesture controller, especially and-tracking systems.
  • Augmented Reality: A great technology classic, which is increasingly booming. Offers the possibility of using a three-dimensional element and have a close look at all its components.
  • IR Games: Infrared Games, one of the newest and most interesting alternatives on the market. They are mainly used for group dynamics and teamwork sessions.

As we can see, technology and events are worlds that, although they may seem very different, are very connected to each other.