Sportainment, a new trend in sport sponsorship

Sports have become one of the cornerstones of the entertainment industry. Sport events not only have gained momentum due to the celebration of matches, tournaments and competitions, but for everything that surround them.

This sectors pays special attention to communication, both to the how and when and the content format. Sport fuses with entertainment towards a new definition of sport marketing, also known as sportainment.

This new term can be defined as the designing and execution of advertising and marketing techniques to maximize the audience, awareness, and reach of all the brands involved. In effect, as it was mentioned before, sportainment transcends the conventional field of c competition.

Like in any marketing strategy, brands at sport events must be at the forefront of all the trends to gain as much positioning as possible. Below there are listed some of the major trends for sport events this season.

  • Fan experience: Emphasize experience over brand, especially in sport events. The most important aspect about fan experience is that the user connects the action with the brand in the most natural way possible.
  • Technology Sports: Technology is one of the most important channels regarding entertainment. Leverage technological trends to empower our brand is one of the main objectives to take into account.
  • New generations: Youngest audiences, digital natives, are the future. Studying their behavior, set of values, and major interests are key research elements in order to establish the best brand strategy, even more when it comes to sport marketing.