“Now is the time to speak about integral marketing”

We talked with Ruth Chamorro at the Madrid office about experiential marketing and brand trends regarding advertising campaigns investment. You are welcomed to read her interview below.

When a new project arrives, where do you usually start?

When starting a new project I consider crucial to get to know the client. Also, how the brand is positioned in the market, what it is communicating and to whom.

In this way, we will be able to understand better our client, the company goals, strategy and objectives, which in turn is mandatory to identify their needs and provide the right solutions.

What is the weight of the digital part in a marketing strategy?

Depending on the pursued objectives, the digital part can take more or less weight.

What we have to keep in mind is that today it is no longer possible to think independently of a digital strategy, but that we must integrate it into the whole. We must talk about integral marketing.

Are now brands investing more or less in advertising campaigns?

I believe that the market has undergone a downward investment adjustment linked to two main variables:

1) Technological development that allows smaller investment in the production of campaigns with however optimal result.
2) Results linked to the campaign – ROI – as the client wants to capitalize each invested euro.

How does Experiential Marketing work?

Experiential marketing is nothing but a reflection of the social evolution. We do not want to accumulate things but rather enjoy as many experiences as possible.

That is why brands change their focus, and their goal is to connect with their audience through these new forms of relationships. Experiences that cause feelings and emotions in the consumer and empower the brand itself.

What is what you value the most in a client?

What I value the most is transparency. Clients who share their strategy and makes us feel part of it.