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“An advertising campaign impacts you, moves you, gains you; an event, besides, has to make you feel.”

Friday May 24th, 2019

Paz Barreno is copywriter at beon. Worldwide. Her work for the group consists in researching, thinking, conceptualizing, writing, synthesizing… event and advertising campaigns. This professional confesses that she looks for inspiration in their own life experiences: movies, songs, travels… Moreover, she is very clear about something: “Work, as life, has no sense without humor.”

What is the difference between an event and an advertising campaign in terms of conceptualization?
In what is expected from the addressee, audience, or recipient of the message. With an advertising campaign you seek to persuade, raise awareness, mobilize, encourage the consumption of a product, increase sales or enhance the image of a brand. In an event your goal may be any of the above, but you have a much more specific audience than the one that has an advertising campaign, and you have to make sure that each and every one of the guests enjoy, feel excited about and understand the message transmitted, and thus internalize it, be surprised by it and, in short, store it in their memory. An advertising campaign impacts, moves, gains you. An event, in addition, has to make you feel.

What do you think of during the creative process? Words, images, or concepts?
There are very useful tools such as the like-minded dictionary, but any creative stimulus is always welcome. Searching for images related to the message the client wants to convey also helps to start creating the story you want to tell at the event. However, what is most helpful is our own personal imagery, the one we create with our own daily life experiences: films, documentaries, series, songs, books, anecdotes and, of course, travels.

Do you follow a specific set of rules to create new ideas; or rather do they arise from daily happenings?
The beauty of creativity is that there is no standard methodology. There are so many processes and steps to follow as type of clients and projects. The only common ground is the starting point: to read the briefing in depth and research everything about clients to really know them, just as when we try to scrutinize a friend trying to surprise him or her with a nice present.

A resource such as humor, has an important role in your everyday work?
There are people who believe that the ideal method is to separate the personal from the professional. As I am the same person inside and outside the company, for me, work, as life, has no sense without humor. I cannot imagine what it would be like to work without my sense of humor.

How do you actually work with your creative partners? What is your actual procedure?
When I started working back then for Eventisimo, I was the only creative at the Madrid office and soon I had to get accustomed to make brainstorming sessions only with myself. Four years later, things have changed for the best: only two years ago, I met my colleagues al Sörensen, and now we are all beon. Creativity, where brainstorming are far more enriching than when I had to listen to my own voice.

As for the processes, I only have to ask and there will always be someone to contribute with new ideas, or I can pick up the phone and call any of my colleagues in Seville to contribute their bit to my craziness. We are a great team.

Balance Productions

Audiovisual Production

Balance Productions is an audiovisual production company formed by a group of professionals with creative profiles, equipped with the best technology and specialized in the fields of advertising, television, documentaries, and events. They conceive and produce their own audiovisual works or in cooperation with other producers, developing commercial productions with a high dose of creativity, branding know-how, and oriented to the client’s objectives. The concept, content, and message are reflected in each shot, music piece, or word. Committed with work excellence and detail, Balance is at the forefront of audiovisual production with the best results.

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Stage design and decor manufacturing and set-up

Experts in manufacturing and assembling elements of ephemeral architecture, as stage sets and sets for any type of project. Thanks to facilities of more than 2,000m², Expresión can transform all its raw materials into elements for set design, interior design and ephemeral construction elements in its lab workshop. The mastery of the different types of materials facilitates the best choices depending on the durability of the ephemeral elements that are being produced. Likewise, Expresión accomplished the client’s own projects, providing expert guidance and consultancy focused on the needs of the ephemeral element to be produced.

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Small and large format digital printing

Specialized in digital printing in small and large format in all types of media in any project. Digital printing on rigid materials, textile printing, and stationery printing and small format. Ten years in the sector and a team of professionals able of developing any project, advising their clients at all times with a personalized service and providing innovative and creative ideas. Janoff offers the best solutions and the possibility of personalizing and decorating any space, business place, event, etc., with a wide range of top quality formats and materials and providing maximum efficacy. Modern facilities and the latest technology aimed to meet deadlines and face any challenge with precision.

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Kunst Deco

Furniture and decor rentals

Kunst Deco designs, creates, builds and, above all, provides fine décor with a wide catalog of rental of furniture and decoration elements that transform any venue or space according to the needs of each client. From big spatial arrangements to the design, creation, and set-up of the smallest decorative detail to create unique sensations.
An extensive career of results-driven, successful projects. In-house production which allows the team to provide decor elements of the highest quality at good price.
Creations that generate memories that last in the minds of our clients, clearly transmitting their style and core values.

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Moonflower Technologies

Digital creativity solutions

Moonflower Technologies is a digital creativity tech team of professionals specialized in the fields of 3D design, programming, and computer engineering. They are specialized in the development of applications, virtual reality, videogames, video mapping, robotics, R&D in audiovisual engineering and content, augmented reality, and 3D animation..

Its innovative philosophy is ideal for the conception and generation of communication, marketing, and event production actions at international level. An interdisciplinary team that accomplished projects from the initial design to the final results. Their R&D department is the key to their successful creations.

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Next Studio

Graphic Design

Next Studio is a graphic design studio, a hive of ideas and graphic expressions in constant evolution. Design trends from all points of view. More than 20 professionals with expertise in the field of architecture, fine arts, communication, engineering, advertising, or technological design work for leading brands, trends-oriented and in permanent creative synergies. Next not only design but also produce their work worldwide, in coordination with the rest of production brands in the Group.


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OnOff Audiovisuals

Audiovisual production and rentals

OnOff is an audiovisual services company with more than ten years of experience offering creative solutions, always at the forefront of the latest technology in sound, lighting, video, LED lighting, plasma walls, simultaneous translation, or interactive voting. Thanks to its own infrastructure within the holding group, OnOff offers integrated services in audiovisual production of events; from design, set-up and production to the execution of any phase at structural, scenographic, décor, and audiovisual architecture levels.

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Stands XL

Design of stands and ephemeral decoration

Stands XL is a company specialized in the design, manufacture, and assembly of stands and ephemeral decoration. Born to offer all the services and solutions necessary to participate in any type of event, congress, trade fair, exhibition, or corporate action around the world.

Thanks to its design team, Stands XL revolutionizes traditional, modular stands of fairs and exhibitions, using state-of-the-art materials and the latest technology with the aim of offering not regular creations, but super stands.

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