“I love to see the reaction of the participants and their emotions while it is happening”

This week we have shared a coffee with Vinyet Llonch, event manager, who sends forth three tips that never fail when it comes to understand our clients’ needs.

Why brands trust events as communication channel towards their employees or clients?
Any event is always an experience, a happening that will have more impacto n us than any other action. Events are excellent communication tools with endless possibilities of creating memorable experiences for the audience or participant, no matter if they are our employees or our clients.

What type of event do you enjoy organizing the most and why?
Any type of event in which I can be part of from the very beginning to understand what the client wants to transmit. It is very satisfying to see the development process that begins with an intangible idea and ends up being the perfect event. I love to see the reaction of the participants and their emotions while it is happening.

Three of your recommendations that never fail to understanding client needs and brand
Listen carefully, stand in their shoes, and know their market well, including their competitors.

Super tips to create a successful event
Listening and understanding our client is crucial, also creating a schedule with deadlines, focusing on the results and revenue the client expects, providing easy communication with partners, organizing time and tasks well. Finally, keep the budget in mind and leave nothing without a careful planning behind in order to avoid possible unforeseen events that may arise during the operation as much as possible.

What is next in event industry?
Every week new gadgets appear to offer much more attractive experiences. Phygital events are those blending the sensorial and the digital, and everytime more and more hybrid events appear as consequence of the evolution of both augmented and virtual reality.