Brands with values are top of the advertising industry podium

Today, trends and fleeting fashions are largely forcing many brands to be much more honest, to adopt transparency in what they do, and modify their behavior to be consumer-friendly. In this sense, responsible advertising takes center stage.

The idea of applying corporate social responsibility policies to advertising should not be other than to make better products from a responsible point of view. Therefore, this type of advertising has gained momentum within the corporate communication and advertising strategies.

Brands have understood that investing in responsible practices and communicating through advertising also generate benefits such as attracting consumers or strengthening the bonds with their own interest groups and, by extension, it is reflected in their accounts.
But, how does it work in advertising? Basically, by means campaigns in line with the CSR philosophy so we do not generate inconsistent responses in the first place, damaging the company image, and in the long term, crashing the trust of our audience.

We are constantly talking about how and how to reach the final consumer through this type of advertising, but we must not forget that responsible advertising also generates its value for both employees and other agents involved.

To do so correctly, we start with the first of the principles to be taken into account: transparency, which we must comply with strictly, since consumers are increasingly demanding. Are companies exposed? Probably yes, that is why agencies must set a strategy helping them to get their optimal positioning in a coherent way, reaching maximum engagement.

Today, the messages launched by the companies are bidirectional and omnichannel, as brands have placed consumers in the center of their relationship. Brands themselves have given their prominence to the consumer and the way of relating to the brand, that is, they have made the audience powerful. This is the second relevant factor of this equation. Thirdly, having a decisive and not just a philanthropic goal is crucial to get to the podium. Brands with values have greatest weight on a wider segment of consumers. We must not neglect these aspects.

If we solve this equation, we will see that transparency, the power of the audience, and the crucial objectives are all intangible values. These values constitute the soul of a company. And this is the greatest sales driver.

Once this part of the strategy comes into play, time is a factor that requires certain patience so that the campaign takes center stage on its own. Like everything in this industry, the search for short-term results does not help here. It is necessary to give room and time if we want successful results recognized by professionals of the industry or, in short, if what we want campaigns that impact on consumers.

The ephemeral and even the WOW moment need their own journey in time. If we focus on brands that are becoming a vehicle for social transformation, they must continue to exercise and execute responsible and sustainable tasks that support their own marketing campaigns.

Each company must define its limits in terms of advertising and these strategies must be consistent with the CSR policies. The challenge is on the table, so let us take advantage of all the options and opportunities that advertising offers us without breaking ties with consumers. Advertising campaigns need a breath of fresh air and agencies must seek companies that carry out responsible actions as part of their business strategy, and not sporadically, but with continuity and durability over time.