One more year Estrella Galicia counted on us to incentivize the sale of Estrella Galicia 0,0 in the horeca channel and food nationwide, attract new consumers and retain baristas. After the success of the trade marketing strategy of previous years, the objective increased to manage nothing more and nothing less than an action for 18,000,000 consumption. The challenge was ….. grand prize.


The promotion boosted more than 250,000 entries, was introduced in more than 3,500 new establishments and 80% of the kits were activated. The use of the tool offered truthful and real-time information to the client, the barista and the final consumer. A great prize challenge.

work done

We created the concept “We are looking for circuiter0.0s” precisely to involve all GP motorcycle lovers, from consumers to baristas. A mechanic that starts in an activation kit to introduce the promotion by decorating the point of sale and continues in a monitoring platform that allows the Estrella Galicia trade marketing department to monitor first-hand the baristas who activate the promotion in the periods of the Great prizes and score points.

And for the final consumer? Geolocated codes that offer the possibility of knowing the establishments where you can consume a 0.0 Galicia Star, multiple GP experiences and very special gifts.


 FIP 2019 Awards. Gold.

Best Loyalty Program and 

Consumer Incentive

Premios FIP 2019. Oro.

Best Interactive Application for

Trade Marketing