beon. Entertainment presents Antoine and consolidates its national position in the show industry

beon. Entertainment, the show and entertaiment division at communication agency beon. Worldwide, presents Antoine, a musical theatre based on the biography of the author of The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Three years ago, the agency endeavored to expand its service catalog as part of its business strategy. As a consequence, the company created this new division specialized in producing shows, spectaculars, musical and theatre works, as well as all kinds of event entertainment, with the aim of becoming leading producers in the entertainment industry.

Nowadays, beon. Entertainment coordinates the management of the space Box Cartuja in Seville, as well as a school aimed to future industry professionals, Artia. beon. debut in musical world as partners producers with El Médico’ el musical, adaptation of  Noah Gordon’s The Physician, premiered at Teatro Nuevo Apolo in Madrid,  was awarded with the 2019 critics’ choice award. At the end of the present year, new projects such as the musical Los pilares de la Tierra based on the novel by Welsh author Ken Follett, or La historia interminable, by German author Michael Ende.

Dario Regattieri, CEO at beon. Worldwide and executive producer of Antoine, came with the original idea of narrating the life of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry as an extension of his work after an evocative voyage to France. Regattieri dived deep into moments of the writer’s life that were crucial for the creation of The Little Prince.

According to the CEO, “As many things in life, chance gave me the opportunity to take a closer look to the biography of this fascinating journalist, bold adventurer, visionary pilot, and, of course, though he rejected the term, master writer.”

The musical theatre will be touring across Spain after the grand debut at Teatro Calderón in Madrid on April 3rd, 2020. Interactive exhibitions will run parallel to its release, as well as different educative sessions in colleges, universities, and institutions closet to the communication field.

Thus, beon. Entertainment consolidates at a national level as a 360º solution for the entertainment industry, accomplishing another objective after its entry in the television, advertising, and theatre and musical spheres to provide choreographies, stage and lighting designs, music production, costumes, artist management, prop and decor, and entertainment in events of all types.