Why brands wants to be present at music festivals?

Music festivals are increasingly registering more attendance among young people. Only in Spain around 200 events of this kind are held every year. Big brands are aware of the market niche and therefore design ad hoc business strategies for this celebrations.

One of the advantages of this type of event is the target concentration, as they gather wide target groups who can be seduced by the product or service in an innovative, appealing way. However, each of this festivals is aimed to a different type of audience, and tastes, styles, age, and geographic location need to be taken into consideration.

The same metrics need to be considered when brands are designing their communication strategies. Depending on the type of festival, some actions or other may be implemented, but always connecting them to the planned objectives and goals.

Traditionally, only brands belonging to the food and drink industry or top consumption brands were subject to participate in these events, but nowadays other advertisers are considering the potential of music festivals: real estate firms, insurance companies, motor brands…

Join festivals may also pose certain challenges for a brand, as the audience have their ears and eyes in the shows and parallel activities, far above the interest of the brand present there.

This is why brands must focus their strategies on experiential marketing, thus ensuring that users continue to enjoy the festival itself, introducing their brand in a natural, engaging way. This is how the public associate the brand with values that remind them of the general experience, and therefore relate the brand as equally fun, happy, worthy memory… and allowing its native positioning in the consumers’ brand.

Music festivals are a big opportunity for brands to build image, gain reach, and acquire new, loyal subscribers.