In beon. Worldwide we designed the ISDIN stand for the Copa Del Rey de Vela

Copa del Rey de Vela Stand

Stand in unique environments for ISDIN in the Port of Mallorca

We redefined the ISDIN brand experience at the Copa del Rey de Vela with a stand in a unique environment in the port of Mallorca. Integrated into the maritime environment, the design fuses nautical aesthetics with innovation in photoprotection. With materials such as wood, canvas and rope, the stand reflects ISDIN's commitment to skin care under the concept "Love your Skin". With this project, ISDIN consolidates its position as a reference in photoprotection, while in beon. Worldwide we reaffirm our capacity in design, production and assembly of stands in unique environments.

Stand Copa del Rey de Vela
Stand Copa del Rey de Vela
Stand Copa del Rey de Vela

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