What do Advertising professionals ask for in 2020?

2019 has been a roaring year for some agencies, if we take into account the outbreak of traditional consultancy firms in our industry. On an a priori basis, the two extremely differentiated business models caught my attention, but I foresee as well what could be an interesting trend that becomes solid in 2020, and this is the transformation of the relationship between agency and client, which probably will evolve towards a consultancy model, much more than back to the partnership standard we were in.

It is not exactly that consultancy agencies have to ‘save us from ourselves’ but I do think that they are here to bring new air and new business perspectives. And of all this I hope that all those who are already part of the industry remain capable to stick to the good side of everything, to become better professionals.

On the other hand, I would ask that in this 2020 we never lose the freshness that characterizes our field, which allows us to reinvent ourselves and adapt ourselves like no other to the changing market that surrounds us: structures, methods, profiles, equipment, customer relations, etc. Losing the enthusiasm we treasure in our day to day, to become soulless companies would be a step backwards from that we may never be able to recover.

Besides, and this is my strongest desire for 2020, I ask the new year to allow us to continue advancing in the retention of talent in our industry, to fall in love with professionals who continue to see clients as the target of their professional careers.

(We) agencies strongly need to believe in themselves, to support each other, and to build an environment of healthy competition, fostering respect for our work, and placing it where it deserves to be. And, on top of that, we want to prove that good creativity sells, and the vocation of service is part of our DNA.

But we also wish brands to be able to follow the brave path that many of them have already undertaken. To go for stories that really move us as audience, as they have proved to not be incompatible with (very) good results. And, in line with the above, we want brands to be protagonists of an industry which is promoting productive relationships between the different players, as well as transparency, the value of good work and long-term relationships.

In sum, a healthy, competitive, ever-evolving market to which agencies must endeavor to adapt. Welcome 2020!