TikTok, a new drive for brands

TikTok is a new, very popular social media platform which became the world’s most downloaded in 2019.

For those who may not be familiarized, TikTok allows to create short videos where freshness predominates over quality, and attract your audience with interactive, dynamic images.

The target of this application focuses on users aged 13-18. A very important fact for brands, since this audience is very segmented and therefore the marketing or advertising campaigns implemented can be quite specific.

As it is relatively new, this social network is not very exploited by advertisers though innovative brands that are already on this platform.

TikTok, apart from being a great option to invest in advertising, is a fantastic opportunity to use it as a creative channel and interact with the audience, since thanks to its multimedia format it allows to create different, original contents, aimed at a quite defined audience.

TikTok is defined as the most influential social media among the members of the Generation Z, the youngsters born in the years 1998-2010, where a great niche market can be observed; they are the generation more engaged in marketing and the digital world, having less conservative values ​​and being both self-taught and entrepreneurial.

TikTok makes to access this target by creating and producing your own videos, though they have a clip form. It is here where brands have to reinvent themselves always bearing in mind their target audience. Since it is not yet an overused tool, brands need to jump on the bandwagon for innovation and leverage the opportunities it offers!