Having a positive attitude helps us to face any challenge

In this interview, Victoria Gil – Office Director in Barcelona-, tell us what the city has to offer as a destination. Moreover, talking about events, she tells us about her dream event, would you like to know it?

What has been your greatest challenge when facing a new project?
From my point of view, the biggest challenge is always to remain as creative as possible. Get a different and innovative idea each time that is also cost-efficient and within the client’s budget range.

What do you expect from the professionals you share your work with?
I always expect them to be decisive, committed and, above all, passionate for what they do. I also believe that having a good attitude helps us in our daily lives to face any challenge.

How the relationship with a client should be so it is a healthy, harmonized one?
Teamwork must always be present. This i show we will obtain a relationship with fluent, quality communication where there is two-way street empathy.

What would you highlight of Barcelona as event destination? Which spaces and venues are great for events?
Barcelona is an ideal destination not only for the beauty of its architecture and its cosmopolitan atmosphere, but also for its size, climate and natural environment, we have sea and mountains!
There are many and very different spaces, from farmhouses surrounded by vineyards to terraces with incredible views of the sea, without forgetting those hidden industrial corners that surprise all visitors.

What is your dream event? The event you want to organize at certain point.
The Oscars