‘Clients now want to feel, touch, and taste events’

We have talked to Carlos Prieto, event production coordinator at beon. Worldwide, who highlights the fast evolution of technology in this industry and the variety of tools currently available to “bring color to our events”.

What does the term ‘event’ suggest you?

Events are the new way of communication in this 21th century. Marketing strategies as we know them are now quite behind. Clients now want to feel, touch, taste everything a brand means to consumers. Events are a big canvas to shape all the messages we want to transmit to the audience.

How have event planning or event management changed in the last years?

Frankly, a lot. Nowadays’ tools generate bigger impact and provide a greater reach. For example, to coordinate an event hundreds of kilometers away is now much easier than before, in fact it is part of our daily work. Emails, databases, ERP systems, telecommunications, mobile technology or even everyday apps such as WhatsApp make communication faster and easier.

Technology is now an essential part of the shows. How this area is integrated in terms of coordination?

Technology evolves so fast that professionals must update themselves continuously. In coordination management this is a key aspect to take into account, as everyday new tools created to bring color to events. These innovations require form coordinators to adapt the clients’ projects to the new technologies. To make of a stage design and the bespoke lighting a whole, to endow both venue and event of an infrastructure that allows to develop a specific action required (internet, electric supply…). There is a lot of information to bear in mind from the very start.

What are the major challenges when facing a new project?

A crucial aspect would be the analysis of several questions: What is needed? When it is needed? Is the suggested solution possible? Understanding what our clients want and how to achieve it is one of the key points. During setups, it is usually necessary to make a preliminary analysis to coordinate all the elements involved in it. Organizing all departments, their materials, elaborate the loading sheets, manage logistic operations and deadlines, note down internal needs… are just some of the basic aspects of starting a production process.

Which aspects would you highlight as most relevant when coordinating a beon. event?

One of our biggest strengths is our in-house production, and this is also why a production department is so necessary a department of production management. There, we try to coordinate the work and cooperation between our internal brands and boost the synergies created. It is great to rely on such a professional, specialized team. In my opinion this is crucial for any event and in order to be one step ahead our competitors. Professionalism + human factor are together the combination that allows us to lead the market.