“All our designs are focused on the emotional”

Miguel Fuentes, architect designer at beon. Events, assures that professionals must place in the client’s place throughout all the creativity process in order to create a balance between concept, graphic expression, client and user.

What design trends are already emerging?
New trends also incorporate a strong technological presence in events. From new communication methods to a growing interaction of attendees by means of mobile and other smart devices. On the other hand, venues are also offering a different kind of service, and with the aim of differentiating themselves form other competitors, they are opening to a more unique venue concept, providing more emblematic, special locations to host events.

How it is possible to attain an equilibrium between conceptualization, graphic expression, client, and users?
You have to put yourself in the shoes of both client and brand, feel imbued with the values you want to convey and the objectives you want to achieve, in such a way that you become the client when working on the concept and its graphic expression. At the same time we must always keep in mind the consumer, how the message is going to reach them, and what has to remain in their retina. Thus, being both client and consumer along the whole creative process is the best way to reach a balance between all parties without having to sacrifice anything.

When designing events, what is the role of the emotional?
It is the most important part of our work. People and their emotions are the first element in our project list of needs. We focus our designs on the emotions and experiences to be generated in the audience and participants, both in the activities that are carried out and in the visual part. We do not want to just present something pleasant to the eye, such as an alluring stage design functional stand; our goal is to provide live experiences in them. We want people to leave with the feeling that they have experienced something new and different.

In your daily work, what is your primary focus: brand or attendees?
Working for people, the human relationships generated, and the emotions transmitted are the most beautiful aspects of this profession. We should not focus our work only on the client or the audience, but rather find the path that created a bond between them. It is in this union where a project is enriched.

What is essential when conveying the values of a brand in events?
It is crucial to be in line with the brand, in tune with its values and message. This is why professionals insist so much in having a briefing and logo to start from: it is our introduction to get to know our client and be able to represent their brand. From there, we try to understand their values and philosophy and find the best way to transmit their spirit and differentiation. Each brand is different from the rest, and just by understanding it we can reflect their value. And that is essential.