On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Revlon Professional Style Masters Show, the most important hairdressing contest in the world, the challenge was to exceed all expectations as one of the largest international events in the sector. For this, the bet was to play with the expectation and the surprise as flaggers of the event.


work done

In Style Master Show we create different planes of live show, which acted separately or mixed together depending on the rhythm of the show itself. At the production level we convert a 33×18 m walkway. in a great projection prism. Three of the faces of the prism were continuous projection screens that rose and fell to the rhythm of the show. These faces formed by a total of 28 semi-transparent screens moved with variable speed motors, a fourth LED screen located at the bottom created a depth effect on the projections. The floor was also fully projectable. We created an optical illusion that allowed to make projections in the first place and a staging or real movement in the second term. Dynamism in its purest form.

We surpass the surprise and the expectation of assistants and client. Almost 2000 m2 of projection with 4k content, which ranged from 0 to 100 at the touch of a single click. In total more than 150 GB of data used simultaneously. A great live show, unrepeatable and dynamic. The words of the president of Revlon were thanks and recognition. Everything was a universe designed ad hoc thanks to the gigantic and innovative, never before seen in Spain, cube of 33X18 that positioned this hairdressing and styling show in the most impressive and relevant in the world.


Eventoplus 2019 Awards. Gold.

Best Motivational Event

Eventoplus 2019 Awards. Gold.

Best Technical Assembly

Eventoplus 2019 Awards. Gold.

Best Animation or Show

Eventoplus 2019 Awards. Gold.

Grand Jury Prize

 Heavent Awards 2019

Third Finalist

 Agripina 2018 Awards. Gold.

Best event

FIP 2018 Awards. Gold.

Best convention or congress

 FIP 2018 Awards. Silver.

New Applied Technologies

to Visual Technology and



 BEA World 2018. Gold.

Best Convention

BEA World 2018. Gold.

Best Live Show

 Eventoplus Awards 2018. Silver.

Best Technical Assembly