Why Spain is the major host of international conventions?

Spain has become an international benchmark in business tourism, becoming one of the most important branches of the tourism sector, with revenues close to 5,200 million euros. Results largely due to the effort on the part of both public and private entities to promote it.

In 2018, Spain ranked number third among world’s congress organizers with a total of 595 events held in 2018. The first countries were the USA (947) and Germany (642).

The cities of Madrid and Barcelona are at the top of the Spanish list, with 55.12% of the international congresses held in the peninsula during 2015 celebrated in these two cities. Moreover, Madrid is in third place in the world ranking with 165 events, behind Paris with 190, and Vienna with 172. Barcelona occupies the fourth place with 163 congresses. Other cities such as Valencia, Seville, and Bilbao feature also in this ranking occupying positions 92, 93, and 115, respectively.

These figures are not due to chance. Spain has a powerful infrastructure equipped with modern congress and trade fair venues and the best technology. Besides, the country offers an excellent communication network with the five continents, whether by land, sea, or air. Both factors, accompanied by excellent hotels and convention centers with a wide range of services, and a unique climate, beach destinations, cultural heritage and gastronomy, make of Spain an ideal destination to host any type of event.

ICCA (International Congress & Convention Association)