Why organizing a press trip?

Press trips are a great opportunity for brands to share their values and philosophy with the media.

And if authenticity, customization, and experience is what customers and users value the most, why not offering this to the communication media so they get to experience the brand? This will be the most effective way to have them communicating about our brand from their own experience.

In this way the credibility of the brand will be increased because the media will endorse it.

A press trip need to be planned in detail, as it can help to enhance our brand, but if it is not perfectly executed, it could affect the company in a very negative way.

The good thing about involving the media in this type of action, in addition of creating a stronger bond with these professionals, is that they become brand prescribers. This is why it is essential to have a good communication with the media.

How to organize a press trip?

The most important thing is to define what type of media are perfect for the brand. Just as each product/company has its target audience, something similar happens with the communication media.

When summoning the media it is important to ensure that all guests have a good relationship with each other, trying to avoid competitors, so nobody feels uncomfortable and thus offering the best type of experience.

Destinations and venues are a key factor to a successful event, as they will host activities and experiences aimed to provide journalists and other media professionals an enjoyable, relaxing atmosphere.
It is crucial that the brand takes care of every small detail of this trip, because that is where the differences with respect to competitors will lie.