Who are responsible for transforming ideas into a reality?

When organizing an event it is very important to have a clear view of the creative concept, as it is the pillar of any occasion. Thus, it is necessary that this concept is well defined so no error is detected, and all what is planned can be perfectly executed.

Once the creative team has defined the concept and timeline of the event itself, the process of designing sketches, planimetrics and renders starts in order to have a more real and accurate vision of what the final result would be, so that the client has an clear idea of what It is going to take place.

Once these plans are approved, the wood & metal department carpentry team launches the most important process of all. These professionals are responsible for performing the event scenographies, and they transform into a reality all sketches and plans that the creative team has provided them.

For this department it is very important to know where and how the venue will be and how much time they have to accomplish the plans in order to optimize their work. Hence, once they know all the details of the event they start working, deciding on the most appropriate materials to use for the elaboration of the project.

The carpentry is responsible for transforming the event locations and turning them into what the customer exactly wants, making client’s ideas a reality.

Event structures and installations cover from a simple stage or stand, to three-dimensional, majestic constructions.

Wood and metal teams are the executing hand and essential part of any event, as they are responsible for the building and setting of all structures needed in the transformation of the venue or space.