“When you do not find inspiration, it is time to disconnect without disconnecting”

Our workmate Hernán Toro, copywriter, talks in this interview about the importance of understanding 100% the needs of the client to start working in the creative concept of the campaign. Besides, he shares his tips about getting as much inspiration as possible.

How is your daily routine?

Generally, my work is quite fun and different every day. I could be thinking of ideas for an erectile dysfunction clinic and then move to a podcast about the benefits of green beans, for example.

Tell us about starting to work on a campaign core concept.

We must devote as many time as possible to understand what the client needs, what tone the piece or campaign should have and, if possible, what is the ideal media to transmit that message.

What can be done when inspiration abandons you?

Disconnect without disconnecting. That is, go home and do your routine, but always keep the briefing in mind. At any moment something you may listen, see, or recall will help to work it out.

Is there any campaign out there that has deeply moved you?

Toni Segarra’s commercial for BMW in Spain is a master piece both script and idea.

The Golden question: a creative mind is born or made?

Without any kind of doubt, it is born.