What is table mapping?

Probably you have already heard about this new trend featured now in many events. But, what is exactly this type of projection mapping?

This technology is a variation of the projection mapping, the visual art that allows to display animates images on lifeless surfaces.

When applying this technique to the foodie industry, the table mapping phenomenon arises. This technology consists of projecting animated 3D images on a table, so dishes become alive displaying amazing visual effects.

Consequently, more and more restaurants are featuring this experiential marketing tool, so besides offering gastronomy experiences, they offer their clients added value, allowing them to interact with the food, which becomes alive.

The most important elements to take into account in this technique are sound, light and, above all, perspective.

Light will be a key aspect to create optical illusions, project animations, and in all, make the performance to become alive.

Sound is a crucial element linked to the use of light, combining with it to generate an ideal context to enjoy the experience.

Perspective is the driving element of the table mapping technique, so it is crucial to play with consumers’ perspective and senses at all times, so they can enjoy a unique gastro experience. Differential value only offered by a few restaurants still.

Table mapping has become already a trend even when it seemed from a distant future, and it is gaining momentum within the event industry.