What do widespread consumption brands need to bear in mind when choosing their audience?

As recent studies show, people are more busy and with less time than two years ago. This naturally translates into less time to buy products.

According to Nielsen, users take advantage of shopping centers or large supermarkets to make all purchases at once. These purchases are usually made in the stores that are closer to the consumer due to, precisely, the lack of time.

Given these characteristics, for consumer brands this information is crucial, since taking into account their target audience, they can introduce their products in more local stores where the target influx can be greater.

In the digital field, online purchases skyrocket from Monday to Thursday and decline during the weekend, as it is understood that during Friday, Saturday, and Sunday users have more free time to go to the store in person.

In addition, there has been an increase in notifications as to whether the product is out of stock or if it guarantees money-back policy.

In sum, brands should keep in mind that, what the consumer is looking for is basicallty to make a simple and safe purchase. Therefore, the perfect arrangement of the products in the store is very important.

We live faster and faster every day. We have more responsibilities and less time, this is one of the reasons why consumption habits are changing. These facts represent a great opportunity for brands to join the change and take advantage of it to improve their sales techniques.