Volkswagen Group España distribución celebrates a conference on the future of mobility

beon. Worldwide organized the conference ‘New Trends Talks 2019’ for Volkswagen Group Spain, whose main goal was to communicate some of the new disruptive trends that will be part of future mobility.

The event was held on October 24th 2019, presented as a space for learning and debate around new technologies, sustainability, and mobility. ‘News Trends Talks 2019’ welcomed more than 500 attendees including employees, students, entrepreneurs, and motor industry experts.

beon. Worldwide was in charge of designing the graphic image and adapt it to the different formats, of developing the web digital contents, as well as the event production and coordination, including the guest speakers. This event, open to the public, was a ccompanied by an internal, more corporate event for the company employees.

The program had several presentations and workshops related to its core theme, where attendees had the opportunity to exchange ideas while visiting the stands, experimenting with the technology and products located in the Market Place, where some of the most sustainable models were exhibited.

Technology was a key element in the sessions, as it is closely linked to the new society needs. An event that showcased the latest innovation and sustainability trends in collaboration with experts of these fields.