“Vinyl printing is one of the most commonly used elements in event personalization.”

Leonardo Gormaz, one of the responsibles at beon. Production Graphic & Printing division, highlights the latest changes of this field in the industry of events: “Digital printing allow us to customize all types of spaces, from large formats to direct prints on furniture pieces, as well as small-format stationery printing.”

Digital printing is one of the most efficient technologies to create a wide range of bespoke, fully customized products. What exactly does this technique offer to brands and events?

When we apply our printing potential to events or brands, we offer a great variety of possibilities in terms of venue personalization whether events of all kind, offices, businesses… We are experts in space theming, adapting our services to the clients’ ideas and needs, from large structures with the brand image to direct printing of furniture, textiles, small format stationery printing. In short, we can practically customize any of the elements we have in an event.

What are the biggest advances in digital printing?

The truth is that this industry is always in constant evolution. The improvement of technologies such as new types of inks, LED lamps for instant-drying (before we had to wait a minimum of 24 hours for the material to dry), new printing materials, etc. Quality, shaper print definition in less time… currently we can print about 50m2 per hour in very good quality. In recent years, innovation focuses on more sustainable materials and consumables.

A brand’s presence in an event is key for its positioning. Which are the formats in higher demand in the market?

We usually apply all the formats available in the market. In events, usually hosted in large, open spaces, we use large format prints on canvas to create different spaces in the whole area. Another demanded product is direct printing on materials such as foam, PVC, or Printfoam, that make possible to customize rigid structures already assembled, saving a lot setup time. Also, vinyl printing is the most used technology when it comes to personalizing events, stands booths, and any type of business.

Is digital printing essential to events?

Absolutely. Without this art, we would never be able to customize nor add any value to brands or products in events. Graphic art and production is the division responsible for decorating and giving the final touch that makes the event visually beautiful.

Nowadays you can print on a numberless series of materials, both textile or rigid. Any favorites?

Definitely we are able to print on have a wide variety of materials, I particularly love printing on rigid surfaces. I find them very original, since we can customize any type of furniture: doors, tables, etc., with a spectacular result. Another interesting product is the printing on reflective materials, since it gets a very real, attractive metal aspect to any surface.