Video sketch, a trend that sweeps the board in corporate events

First, we must know what a sketch is or what it consists of. A sketch is a short play characterized by a humorous tone. It is one of the most versatile comedy formats and can be adapted to advertisements, events, or any media that allows it.

The key question comes next: What benefits does a video sketch brings to the event and why use it? The answer to this is quite simple: events should honor originality and creativity, but above all, they must encourage employees’ commitment and team spirit, and brand values.

This is what makes ideal the use of sketch video, as the protagonists are usually the employees themselves. This is a formula used by many brands.

Making possible that employees spend a ‘family’ day discovering what this type of video consists of, acting and participating, as if it were a team building activity. Moreover, this is one of the great advantages of this new trend, which serves to create a better work environment.

These audiovisual pieces are projected in corporate or brand events, usually to present new products or season trends.

The storytelling to be developed is crucial, as it is to place humor as protagonist. We should hat is going to develop and, above all, that humor is the protagonist. Well, we cannot forget that the main objective, apart from showing the ultimate brand news, is to boost fun and generate a good vibe, where laughter gains a close-up.