“To be able to travel and work in different countries is really inspiring”

For Sophie Laidet, account manager at beon. Events, Spain offers “job opportunities with great international connections and living standards”. After three years living there and according to her experience, Spain is a very well positioned destination in the industry of events, being “the only country featuring two of its cities in the global top 10 of MICE industry.”

Do you think that the international experience really matters when it comes to your work in companies operating at a global level, as it is the case of beon.?
To acquire international professional experience is always very rewarding, also at a personal level. As well as traveling opens your mind, working in an international scenario is really advantageous, and provides creative ideas in each new experience. In fact, working and traveling in different places is super inspiring, and brings you the best of each country.

Language mastering is linked to innovation, competitiveness, growth, and new business possibilities. For a company such as beon., with offices across Europe and operating worldwide, being productive in several languages is essential to gain new markets.

What are the major differences of hosting events in Spain or in other countries?
I cannot find so many differences, at least, on a European, standard level. From my own experience, and if I had to compare events held in Spain or in France, I would say that in Spain there is more flexibility on the part of suppliers, which allows us professionals to offer our customers a wider range of possibilities.

What does Spain offer to international brands in order to choose this destination for their corporate events?
In the last decade Spain has continually increased the figures of corporate tourism.

Spain has numberless possibilities for international companies:
– As destination that offers rather competitive prices when compared with other European countries.
– The country has superb infrastructures when it comes hotels and event venues.
– Spain offers a relatively mild weather that attracts northern countries mainly.
– Spanish VAT tax can be, in many cases, reduced or not applied at all.

Event success depends of…
For me, several elements are crucial when it comes to event management professionals:

1. Offer innovative/creative spaces and programs.
2. Have a clear picture of the needs and objectives of the client. It is crucial to maintain an open communication and close contact to offer a service that meets their expectations.
3. Hire highly dependable professionals for a close collaboration during the whole event.
4. Show a positive attitude and flexibility as a response to unexpected changes, besides having a proactive mindset and the capability of a fast response.