The programmatic wish after new year’s eve 12 grapes

Buying and selling advertising online, or programmatic advertising, is without any doubt one of the key elements of nowadays digital world.

According to Zenith, the investment in this type of advertising reached 106,000 million dollars by the end of this 2019 and will reach 127,000 million dollars in 2020. Very encouraging figures considering that we are in a scenario in which investment in advertising seems to face thin years, and forecasts indicate that 2019 will close with not very positive figures.

But still, is it programmatic advertising the catholicon in digital advertising industry? The truth is, it is still far from it. We should be aware that in 2020, despite the good figures, we will find challenges and even obstacles to overcome in the field of digital marketing.

Among these new challenges are the following:

  1. Develop new techniques that provide a balance between the users’ need to maintain their privacy surfing a secure digital environment and the benefits of data segmentation and personalization. This is precisely the most important and compelling as more and more browsers are blocking cookies that, let’s not forget, are the mainstay of segmentation for these advertising purchases. In a world in which we all have limited time, professionals are called to transmit the user the advantages and benefits of programmatic buying. Is it not interesting to find in your browser to find that pair of boots you need without starting a tiresome quest through the internet?


  1. The expansion of the programmatic advertising to new media such as TV. Another of the great advantages for the advertisers is to have made “accessible” and to have broken the ‘glass ceiling’ of advertising income in the traditional television system. However, finding a way to impact the VOD audience through a second device is a great challenge, since most viewers who browse simultaneously do not do so to get involved with the content they watch on television. Moreover, a large majority use the mobile device to entertain themselves during television commercials. This is why we must use our creativity and experiment with new formulas. Perhaps branded content and interactive experiences synchronizing devices are one of them.


  1. Another challenge is that there are currently too many technology companies involved in programmatic advertising. It has undergone certain scandals such as the YouTube videos and the advertising involved in them, while advertisers were on aware on the channel their commercials were placed. The more the sector advances, the more advertisers want to know where each euro they spend goes, and above all, if that investment has really impacted on the audience they expected to impress. Therefore, advancing in improving the tools of “buying audiences”, so that advertisers can transparently access to their customers’ information is another goal in this industry.

2020 will be a truly challenging year. However, we should not forget that trends, news, innovations, technologies, and consumers themselves will mark the pace and lead the way towards new forms of advertising.


Cristina Quirós, beon. Digital Advertising Account Manager