“The greatest challenge is to fit a great idea into an optimized budget”

Iñigo Laguardia shares his pragmatic vision on event industry, client’s demands and on how satisfy their needs in this interview.

What are the greatest challenges when facing a new project?

The main challenges of any new project can basically be summarized into two:
First, finding a good idea and developing it at all levels, which is not a simple task. Moreover, the second challenge is n simpler: make it suit a budget. Even with great ideas behind, budgets always remain small.

These two elements are essential for the viability of the project, they are nothing without each other. So, answering the question, I would say that the biggest challenge would be to fit a good idea into an optimized budget.

And the best way to approach the clients’ needs?

Knowing the client, its products, its objectives, and particularities as a company.

Each client is a world and you have to be a bit like a psychologist to understand their needs, but, above all, to make them understand ours. And explain them well those needs will benefit their project. Sometimes it could be difficult for them to understand this, but once this agreement is achieved, half of the work is done.

What are the most popular requests? The latest technology, personalized catering, or environmentally friendly projects…

Wow, that is a very difficult question. I think that our clients are not that specific in a generalized sense, but what they all require of us is a surprising, amazing result.

It is here where the latest technological advances, spectacular stage designs, and all kinds of custom elements come into play… Unfortunately, budgets do not allow the latest technology and we should use our creativity and rely on more traditional solutions. Nevertheless, as I said before, as long as there is a good idea, a project success it is assured, regardless of the format chosen.

What would you say it is coming up in event world’s nearest future?

Everything indicates that innovation will go hand in hand with new technological advances… Surely, in a relatively near future we will see things that we cannot even imagine right now and they will possibly revolutionize the way events work. It will be exciting!

What is your dream event? Something you are hoping to organize someday.

Any which is hosted by the dream client.