“The concept of event is great whatever its typology”

Today we talk to Tamara Ruiz about event industry and trends, and about what attendees value the most. She tells us about all this in this new interview.

When does an event start and end?

An event begins the very moment a client thinks it is a necessity, and that is where their expectations, ideas, and first doubts start too. Executing a quality project is important, but understanding the client and its event from the very beginning is the key to success. Events never end: the memories and sensations that you have created or experienced or during an event last forever.

Which type of event is your favorite to plan and why?

I love the very concept of event in any of its varieties. If I had to choose, I prefer those events that blend a more formal aspect with leisure activities. Prove your professionality in both aspects is wonderful.

What are the most sought-after trends among clients and therefore an added value in events?

New technologies are always a trend now together with sustainability, are currently the most demanded by customers who do not want to be left behind. Without forgetting of course to social media in all its forms; if you do not share, you do not exist.

With respect to attendees, which are their favorite activities?

The activities they enjoy the most are the personalized ones. This type of bespoke activities make participants interact with each other and likewise, their engagement is a key factor for their success. The most surprising are those that use new technologies as main tool.

Trends: What technological tools are used these days?

Some already well established, such as video mapping in large and small formats, streaming content increasingly implemented in any event, apps that allow you to interact live with participants, or drones that bring a new perspective, but also new coming trends that come as holograms and virtual reality… the possibilities are numberless. And it seems that this is only the beginning.