Technology and Big Data come closer to set the new models of advertising

Big Data is already part of our daily routine, helping in real-time decision-making, and generating business opportunities. This type of analysis allows companies to know their users, their needs, and their opinions about the products or services.

In this sense, a proper analysis helps to position advertising and marketing strategies in order to obtain the best results, creating opportunities specifically addressed to clients interested in a given product or service. This implies that the resources allotted to this industry could be used in a much more efficient way.

Nowadays, the evolution of the advertising digital model based on CPM (Cost per impression) becomes an audience model that reflects the product according to profiles and preferences. This formula allows professionals to adapt advertising to the different platforms depending of their success.

However, we should never leave aside the content quality. This should always surpass quantity, and in order to accomplish this, we must to take into account only essential data. It is not only a question of storing and processing information, but of generating profit with this information.

But not all is about technology. Originality and creativity are two of the most appreciated qualities in advertising professionals, who also have to present an outstanding product with respect to the rest agency competitors.

In the short-term, we can assure that programmatic advertising will still increase, and according to the last trends, it will do it at a faster pace than traditional digital advertising. Therefore, technology and Big Data come closer to set new models of advertising that highlight impact efficacy over the number of impressions.

Beatriz Romero, Digital Director at beon. Communication