Summer spots

Summer may sound like a low season for creativity, as it is somehow an off-season or break. When the audience has only in mind a getaway to the beach or the countryside… they may be less receptive than ever. However, advertising world puts everything at stake and uses all its potential trying to display more creative and interesting contents, trying to catch the attention of the diverted ones.

Summers always come loaded of advertising campaigns, some of them memorable. Who does not recall any of those special summer spots? Moreover, this is precisely the goal of those catchy, imitated and hummed-along ads.

One of the most used resources during summertime is celebrities starring in our spot, as the season particularly adds a comic nod, and generates a better acceptance. In addition, the use of short films in advertisements is increasingly popular, normally featuring paradisiacal or innovative settings.

A very important factor in a good summer ad is music. It is a fact that our brain is more open to it in this season, so it is helpful to use a famous hit or even creating a new track that creates an impact in our audience.

Summer inspires us to create new and more dynamic concepts and visual lines. To incorporate elements able to awaken new experiences, feelings of joy, enthusiasm and… relaxation.

Elements such as water, pastel colors, or people enjoy life outdoors are key to develop a creative concept that leads the audience to imagine similar situations and special moments… Because that is what makes the trend successful, the longing for being part of a summer spot.