San Sebastián Film Festival, an open showcase for sponsors

ASICI, Nespresso, Dyson, Chanel Beauty, Gin MG, and Cabreiroá

beon. Worldwide returns to San Sebastian Film Festival to coordinate, together with the Festival marketing team the sponsorship actions of the brands that have determined to be present in this 67th edition.

A strategic, social, cultural, and media meeting focus where brands launch activations based on their most effective consumers and obtain beneficial investment returns.

beon. was been in charge of showing the potential of this annual event, with great reputation beyond the film industry, and therefore the chance of associating a brand with such a prestigious event.

This year Cabreiroá has once again become the Festival official water brand. For the fifth consecutive edition, it was present in the press conferences and Management Cocktails, having a great visibility.

ASICI, the Interprofessional Association for Iberian Pork, is another of the brands that has repeated this year and that in this edition has changed its traditional stand for a Ham truck, where a professional ham cutter offered this product to the public. In addition, there have been some activations with influencers such as the delivery of an Iberian ham to “los Javis”, Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo who occupy a leading role in Spanish leisure and culture sphere. ASICI was also present at the opening and closing ceremonies.

Nestlé coffee company Nespresso, was the official coffee at the Festival, sponsoring for another year Culinary Zinema, a film section where gastronomy stars the Seventh Art. Besides, Nespresso also sponsored for the first time the VIP area, treating VIP guests and film crews with delicious cocktails inspired in their coffee flavors.

Dyson has been the official hairstyling equipment with a bespoke stand at Okendo square open to the public, and a showroom for actresses and actors who were styled by the team of Ramiro Mata with the Brand-new products Dyson Airwrap and Dyson Supersonic. At their stand, the big audience could enjoy ultimate technology hairstyling.

Chanel Beauty featured with a stand and action called Glam Room, celebrated the company’s first year as sponsor of the Festival, and becoming the official makeup Brand for the next three years. In this regard, Bono, leader of U2, hosteded the Donostia award delivered to Penelope Cruz, image of Chanel.

Finally, a new sponsor, Gin MG, a distillery brand, reveled a premium bottle of limited edition for the Basque country, and was the official drink at the Basque Cinema Party celebrated after the Zinemira award.

beon. was responsable of finding the best Brand activation according to their target, their needs, and their communication strategy. The objective was to build a brand image associated with the values that were represented in the sponsored activity.