Phonak offers their attendees new audiovisual and sensorial experiences

Marvel 2.0 is the name that PhonakSonova France – the leading Swiss company specialized in hearing care solutions has created for the event celebrated in France, at Congrès Lyon center.

Nothing related to superhéroes, Marvel 2.0 is a new line of multifunctional hearing solutions which provide the ultimate sound experience thanks to their state-of-the-art technology.

Given the product characteristics, beon. Worldwide has conceived an alluring presentation for the Marvel 2.0 products using projection mappin technology.

To publicize the great benefits of the brand, more than 150 vendors and distributors were invited to try these new solutions, showcased in a venue with a cubical table mapping. An innovative idea booming in the catering and gourmet industry and corporate events, which offers completely new experiences.

These are projections of images or series of images on a table, creating presentations that generate new sensations in the audience, boosting the audiovisual experience with technology as major element.

An authentic way to reveal new products that allow attendees to enjoy a first-hand experience by the hand of event technology.