“New technologies make events more powerful”

Juan Vega, Audiovisual Production Executive at beon. Worldwide, has been working in the industry for 13 years now, and treasures thousands of experiences. He has shared with us the importance of certain elements in event planning and management, such as the use of sound and lighting, and a few anecdotes.

Which aspects are mandatory for a venue or location in order to host an event?
Aspects are many and varied, but the essential is to have a clear idea about the concept to be developed in a given space at a technical level, and check its feasibility to the last detail.
As technical requirements we want good locations for material load and download, its own power supply, high, light walls, good acoustics… and we can hope for a hundred more advantages…

Sound and lighting… Could you define their role in the event?
Coming from me I would say this is definitely the most important, the core part. Though we must not forget the video, which has become a key aspect in any event. If we look back we will see CEO speeches, awards ceremonies, parties with music, etc. Thousands of moments were we can see how important lighting and video are.

Please, share with us 5 audiovisual tips for a successful event.
1. My first advice would be to have very clear idea of what the event will be, to know what the client expects to see when they arrive at there and what they want to do there.

2. Have direct communication with both the event account manager and the event coordinator, to leave all technical aspects ready.

3. Have maximum leeway possible in technical aspects in lighting and the positioning of the elements. Something that does not have to be at odds with the economic aspect.

4. Have super detailed information of the space where the event is going to take place, its scenographic construction, and the arrangement chosen by the client.

5. Details, simplicity, and complexity. The impact of a spotlight in a given place can cause a thousand times more awe than a thousand of fresnels wrongly distributed.

Tell us about the latest trend in the events you have recently been working. What you would say it is in vogue?
Trends are geared towards technology: more sophisticated and high-performance LED screens, higher image resolutions in 4K, gobelin tulle or laser effects, ect. They already play a crucial role in making amazing events.
In a very short period of time, the track systems for moving of objects, such as arrays of lights or 3D holograms, will be part of our work routine, something that will drive a futuristic dimension.

Which event production was specially unforgettable?
If memory serves, Oriflame Tenerife 2007, an event I will never forget. At a technical level, it was one of the first big events I worked in. In fact I still keep a t-shirt I wore in that event, and it always travels with me for good luck.