LaLiga leagues with tennis thanks to VR

LaLiga joins this year the biggest international tennis tournament, the Davis Cup, as event sponsor.

On the occasion of this sponsorship and together with beon. Worldwide, LaLiga launched a series of tech-based activations with the aim of uniting both sport competitions.

beon. designed and produced a stand, the Match Zone, which included in its 42 square meters two large Virtual reality screens and a digital totem. This space hosted the different games and activities for the fans who entered The Magic Box.

In the first of the activities, the Team Selfie, fans had to choose a team crest from LaLiga Santander and two football players to have a picture with them. The photos were sent to the participants’ email. In the Orbit activity, fans had the chance to celebrate the victory of a match hosted at The Magic Box tennis court, which evolved to transform into a football stadium.

In addition, two games were developed with bespoke content, which linked both sports. Penalty Aces, allowed participants to dive into a football stadium and throw tennis balls with a racket from the penalty box. The activation Tennis Keeper showed a throwing-ball machine which participants had to try to avoid to enter the goal area, by means of a racket. Both games used Virtual Reality headsets.

A registration system through codes was developed for these activities, streamlining the management of shifts and thus fostering attendees’ engagement and participation.

beon. was responsible for the production, development, and programming of all activations, plus designing the virtual reality and 3D contents as well as the audiovisual and web production.

In the field of communication, beon. developed a digital strategy and worked on a content plan with ad hoc content for LaLiga social media channels of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This plan contemplated contents for the various tournament phases of: pre event, event, and post-event. Also, beon. Communication covered the activations of the Match Zone and generated content with the fans and Spanish athletes who visited the stand.

This was the only purely technological stand during the competition. Massive participation of all audiences, adults and children, allowed to endow LaLiga with brand presence beyond its specific sport industry.