How can the MICE industry contribute to more sustainable events?

Every day in every country dozens of events take place generating a big environmental impact. This is why we should endeavor to make increasingly sustainable events.

For example, one way to out a hindrance on the excesses generated in an event, thus avoiding an impact on the environment in which this is celebrated, is to reuse all or many of its elements.

Global warming and the carbon footprint are a reality and any action we can take to try to prevent these issues from advancing is more than welcome. But above all, it is necessary to launch a joint, committed collaboration of all the agents that are part of this industry.

Organizing and celebrating sustainable events is easier than it seems. These are some measures that can be applied to this purpose:

  • The ‘Three Rs’: Reduce, reuse, recycle.
    Try to reduce the use of plastic, replacing it by other materials that allow reworking instead of a single use. When dealing with reuse is also important to recycle, and that means putting the right materials in the right containers or bins -paper, metal cans, plastic bottles- which have to be available at key points in the event venue. This way we will facilitate this process.
  • Reduce energy and water consumption.
    For day events it is recommended to leverage solar power as much as possible, and, in case the event is held on the open air, the sun could be the natural source of energy.
    If we are going to use electricity, energy saving bulbs and lamps and Class A appliances are mandatory. To reduce the consumption of water, a good option would be timer taps or diffusers to reduce the amount of water.
  • Foster sustainable mobility.
    The perfect option will depend on the type of event, but it is always necessary to avoid the presence of morto vehicles as much as possible, offering other alternatives such as shared transfers, public transport, or eco versions such as bicycles.
  • Avoid noise and light pollution.
    Reduce the amount of lighting, and find a location with good acoustics that may allow the reduction of speakers and loud noises.
  • Use environmentally conscious products and foods.
    It is always an added value to use seasonal and local products highlighting the event location or destination. Organic, slow food fresh from the local markets or shops are always a better option over processed products.
  • Protect the animal and plant ecosystems.  
    Choose a location far apart from delicate natural spaces that grants low environmental impact.

These could be some of the most important steps that MICE celebrations may accomplish in order to become more sustainable. They also provide added value that connect with attendees and, thus, increase social awareness as ultimate goal. There is only one planet Earth.