“Excellence is in the details”

Angeles Rodríguez, Advertising Account Manager, affirms that her job requires of a good dose of planning and organization. For her, the ideal “agency-client relation is when the latter considers you part of their own communication and marketing departments.”

Name some of the skills or competences that every account manager should possess.

First, an account manager must have a lot of empathy, both with the client and with the different members of the team, and value everyone’s work so as not to lose enthusiasm. It is very difficult to find a balance when everyone has their own views and priorities, especially when time is short. You have to know how to listen, analyze the needs and points of view, but at the same time be very proactive and decisive.

This position also requires a global strategic vision of the project and never lose sight of the brand positioning, the focus of the campaign, and the objectives set.

A lot of planning and organization is always necessary. You have to know well the scope of the project and manage the deadlines. But, mostly, in the accounts department you need to be ahead: proactivity and dedication is essential.

The satisfaction of a job well done, sleepless curiosity, or the search for innovation are also very important to achieve good results. You have to be demanding with the quality of the work and take care of the details because it is there where the excellence lies in, and that is precisely how we make a difference.

What would you ask of the perfect client, or how does the perfect client should be?

Clients are the ones who put the first stone in a project, and they must therefore provide us with a comprehensive briefing, so we can develop it in full.

It is crucial that the client trusts the agency as an expert, and for that reason they must delegate to the account director and team many decisions to allow the work flow.

When, in addition, clients know the internal processes of an agency, they understand better the need to plan everything in detail and the time that an appropriate development requires.

Could you define the perfect bond with the client?

There is an ideal relationship with clients when they consider you part of their marketing and communication department, because it allows you to become deeply involved with the project and take full responsibility. This always translates into better results.
Henry Ford said once. ‘Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.’

Do clients value the recognitions and awards bestowed in the advertising industry?

Industry awards position us as an agency and give us prominence. But it is also the recognition of a job well done.

I do believe that companies, for the most part, value the awards obtained in advertising festivals. It is not the only decisive reason to start working with an agency, but indeed it boosts expectation, and generates confidence and trustability.

What is your view about the CSR campaigns?

They allow you to put advertising at the service of a social cause and, at the same time, make a type of advertising that really gives you the goosebumps.

Companies share profitability as a common objective, but brands have a responsibility beyond the commercial objectives.

Brands become leaders and prescribers, and therefore must acquire a social responsibility and active role in the changes of attitudes that have a collective benefit.

Social branding campaigns offer the consumer emotional benefits, as they make them “feel”, awakening emotions that they eventually associate with the brand, perceiving it as close and committed.