Employees, the best brand ambassadors

The term social employee advocacy may be mistaken for brandlover or brand ambassador. Both categories have in common a main objective: defending the brand in different areas and external channels such as social media. However, brand lovers are not company employees while the employee advocacy, is part of the corporate environment.

Brand ambassadors employees are a must for many companies, as they help to publicize brand products or services, by enhancing the values they want to transmit to a specific audience. They also use their own social channels to promote and support a company’s image.

Some of the benefits of working with brand ambassadors are:

– Improve the brand image
– Possibility of gaining new customers
– Increase commitment among employees
– Boost consumer loyalty
– Maximize company reach
– Increase brand awareness
– Improve sales

This discipline, part of recommendation marketing, is a trend that gradually converts workers into prescribers of their own brand. But what aspects should employees have to become good brand ambassadors?

– Must be experts in the company products or services o
– Must know how to represent the interests of the brand
– Must recommend products or services of the company
– Must transmit a positive image of the company
– Must foster brand awareness abroad

Having this profile within the company means opening doors to new benefits. And what can be expected of employee advocates?

– They must represent the interests of the company both internally and externally.
– They must recommend products and services, showing a perfect masterly.
– They must generate a positive image and create positive awareness about the brand, in line with the company values.

In short, we can affirm that employees have the potential to become the best ambassadors of a brand.