beon. Worldwide awarded with Best Convention at BEA World festival

Spanish agency beon. Worldwide has been awarded at the last edition of the BEA World Festival (Best Event Awards) celebrated in Milan, Italy. A gala in which all the biggest event agencies in Europe compete for a positioning and recognition around the world.

beon. shares this award with the Danish agency Brandvenue, for their collaborative work at the ‘Global sales Conference Maersk Group’, the event that granted both agencies the third position in the category ‘Best Convention’ integrated by 11 projects from countries such as Germany, Russia, France, Italy, India, or Belgium.

This award is already added to the trajectory of the agency that, to date, has obtained more than 200 awards worldwide. Creativity, innovation and technology are key factors in emotional communication and added value to the event. This independent group of Spanish capital has offices in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and France, as well as in Miami (Florida).

In addition, it is worth highlighting the importance of the economic impact of such events for a country, and in this case for Madrid, generating economic wealth, employment, and brand image of the destination.

Global sales Conference Maersk Group

The convention organized by Maersk Group wa sttended by 2,300 attendees coming from 56 different countries, who gathered for four days in Madrid. The objective of this event was to show the new Company mindset in the way of presenting and offering the new products, in line with the new internal corporate strategy.

Prior to the conference, a dinner was held for 500 board members at the legendary Santiago Bernabéu stadium. Then, during the first day, guests meet at IFEMA, in a 18,000 square-meter pavillion with diferente spaces and seating grandstands to welcome 2,300 attendees.

The first part of the convention, represented the past of the comapny and the old mindset. After a brief introduction on how to become a new organization, attendees were able to experience the change in the first person, walking from the past to the future, through large tunnels that symbolized the transformation of the brand.

During the convention, the latest technological elements were not lacking to make the interventions more dynamic: video mapping, projection screens, plus a show with 19 dancers who represented an ad-hoc choreography designed for the brand through gobelin tulles.

The space was decorated with international motifs from the different continents of origin. In addition, entertainment activities, DJs, and different artists enlivened this first welcome evening.

On the second day, the conference focused on sharing customer knowledge and the company invited its attendees to the Palacio de Negralejo, where entertainment was the real protagonist: cartoonists, flamenco groups, DJs, Catalan Castells, exhibition of Andalusian horses, or Flamenco guitarists, were part of this showcase of Spanish culture.

On the last day, participants reflected over the learnings in group sessions. The second dinner was the closing one, again at IFEMA, where they enjoyed the live performances of a music band and a set of DJs.
At the end of the event, an internal evaluation carried out by more than 1,000 participants rated the conference under a 1 to 5 scale based on hotel management, logistics management, keynote speakers, food, the experiential experts, and the conference areas, and themes. The average score obtained was 4.9 points out of 5.