beon. signs the advertising and communication campaign for the play Volar es humano, aterrizar es divino

beon. returns to the stage with Volar es humano, aterrizar es divino, a theatrical play by Enrique Piñeyro that lands in Madrid, after five successful seasons at the grand Teatro Maipo in Argentina, for just two shows at the Teatros del Canal.

On this occasion, beon. Communication is the official communication agency for this play launch. In this sense, beon. has accomplished the design, the graphics, the conceptualization, the outdoor advertising campaign in city buses, underground, newsstands, plus online and press advertising and expert support to the communication team.

A play for all ages, where acid humor and a deep reflection co-occur through different situations in which the protagonist shows tragicomic, everyday life scenarios.

With an impressive staging featuring a real scale airplane and great audiovisual effects, the play re-enacts the Avianca flight during its landing at New York airport. The perfect combination of theater, film, and stand-up comedy.

The play: Volar es humano, aterrizar es divino

Enrique Piñeyro presents in Madrid one of the greatest triumphs in the Argentinian scene in the last years. Piñeyro is an actor, director, doctor, airline pilot, and plane crash researcher. He has worked for the company LAPA (Líneas Aéreas Privadas Argentinas) for more than ten years, where he denounced the aircraft wrong management and default maintenance. With all these experiences and interests, Piñeyro creates a theatrical production with two clearly distinct parts.

The first on these parts describes the Avianca flight 52 plane crash, service covering the Bogota-New York airway. The accident took place due to a misunderstanding of translation concepts. To represent the tragedy, a real-scale cabin simulator, tree actors and four LED screens. In the second part, Piñeyro performs a stand-up monologue that reflects on daily situations that could be a personal threat or potential harm due to communication misuses.