Be close to see it all

Cáritas, committed with human rights and the full development of individuals and communities, particularly the poor and the excluded, trusted beon. Worldwide with the launch of their latest campaign.

Following the institution values, beon. worked on a new project line that focused on the problematic in the developing world and the promotion of funds through actions that strengthen the empathy or the ethic feelings.

In this way, the agency worked on a concept based on the composition of different images that, observed in the distance, offered a reality different from what revealed if zoomed: a series of details that were not visible at first sight. The campaign claim highlighted precisely this: Hay que estar cerca para verlo todo (One must be close to see it all).

Under this line, our teams designed three mosaic photographic compositions were developed that showed a “tourist” image of 3 countries: Brazil, Ethiopia, and Thailand, but in which each pixel there was an example of the work carried out by Cáritas in each of these places.

For example, in the case of Thailand, the image showed a paradisiacal beach, a delicious cup of coffee in Ethiopia, whereas Brazil displayed a typical carnival image. However, the background of each images hid a very different reality of those we all know.

The campaign has a mix of actions ranging from the adaptation of the graphic pieces to different media, to the edition of a spot for viral marketing online.