Back to the 80s with Concesur and Fervial

Mercedes-Benz, through the official dealership groups in Seville, Concesur and Fervial, relies in communication as a direct channel with consumers. In this sense, the automotive leader trusted beon. Worldwide to develop their last action.

This way, beon. was in charge of the conceptualization of the presentation event of the new Mercedes-Benz B-Class, at Cartuja Center. An event inspired in the 80s aesthetic, in which beon. developed the creative work and the design of all the campaign materials.

The event was energized by some of the most characteristic elements and gadgets of the decade, such as LEGO bricks or arcade games. A night envisioned to offer that 300 guests would relieve part of their childhood again and enjoy some of the most emblematic amusements of the period.

At the reveal moment, the new B-Class appeared from behind a LEGO wall and roamed a Scalextric track featuring bespoke corners that reminisced the attendees’ tender years, such as the cowboys and Indians theme.

During the event, the communication division coordinated both the event presentation and the suppliers. In addition managed all the staff and personnel and the wardrobe of extras, hostesses, and master of ceremonies.

Vito campaign

Besides, Concesur and Fervial contacted beon. Communication to present a special promotion of one of the van classic models, Vito. The communication division worked in the graphic, concept, and radio slot for the campaign.

The objective was to generate a great impact through two specific formats: an outdoor billboard and a radio ad. beon. creatives opted to highlight the price of the new Mercedes Vito: €190/month, and use that figure to establish a funny comparative humor-speed.