“Audiovisual techniques are in full bloom”

‘Please, be welcome.’ A masculine voice leads through the department facilities of Balance Productions, film producers at Worldwide. We speak to Raúl Ferreira to know something more about the audiovisual industry. What are clients searching for? What is in fashion now? We start our meeting sharing a coffee.

When did you join beon. Worldwide?
I started working for Balance Productions in 2014, so already 5 years now as part of this big family.

What would you say is your favorite part of your job?
The diversity of projects in which I can develop my creativity. This and the constant updating of knowledge, as I can use them on a daily basis.

Close your eyes and please think of a ‘made in beon.’ project. How special its production was so you have not forget it yet?
I have many in my head, but I would highlight a video mapping for Schweppes with a tight timing and however, spectacular results.

Could you recall a project that was a real professional challenge for you?
To me, all projects are a professional challenge. Trends change and evolve, clients may be really demanding, briefings get complex over time, but we always offer more to make of every project a success.

Please, tell us 4 tips to create a good video.
The video has to be short but appealing.
It is very important to know how to choose music depending on the type of video.
The destination format of the video influences the way the message is transmitted. It is not the same to use Instagram or shooting an advertising spot.
Be direct and clear. This is highly valued to really grab the aucience’s attention.

Let’s talk about tech trends. What do clients demand these days?
Right now, chroma key and motion graphics are the most demanded services. The audiovisual level is high and in full bloom. Clients want to be the protagonists and love to participate, so with chroma keying we have incredible results thanks to animations.