“Analyzing the opportunities that a project opens is the most exciting part.”

Jesús García confirms that digital media open a vast creative universe. Also, that professionals should keep on risking, as this is the right path to “keep growing, keep innovating, and keep being creative.”

How would you define the creative process today?

I guess that everything has to do with the clients, and the type of project accomplished.

Generally, when we receive the briefing through the account department, we start working in a counter-briefing. We study the project, we analyze it, and then we disclose all its points and question in order to make an efficient, but also effective work.

Once all issues have been discussed, we start the creative process. Personally, I think that analyzing all the opportunities a project opens is the most exciting part in this process: ideating something, then discarding the idea, creating something new form the discarded materials, and so on. Then, the moment in which everything seems to work fine… even perfectly. That is the idea.

Then we have to ‘paint’ this concept, that is, to design it. Other creative process in which a powerful and attractive visual identity in line with the concept emerges to add more quality.
Finally, you have to convince your client of the fact that this is the best campaign for their brand. And we achieve this through a whole universe created around this campaign, from videos disclosing the creative concept to innovative ideas to present it.

As creative director, what do you think a good advertising campaign should include?

An element of boldness. This does not mean that all campaigns must take risks, but all brands must keep evolving. This is exactly what risk involves; to empower your image, your creativity, your brand.

Which channel or tool is the main creative source for you?

I could not decide on one in particular and I dare not say the standards, such as design books or web pages in particular. It helps me a lot to read about a subject in question. When I receive a briefing, whether I know what it is about or not, I research about it, I get informed and trained. When you know what you read, ideas come out much faster and you can be confident about them.

Which media is currently offering the greatest creative flexibility?

Everything that is new has the capacity to surprise us. The digital media provide endless possibilities as far as creativity is concerned, but when you stick to something more conventional the impact may be much greater. We must never lose our conventional creativity, but reinvent it.

Does innovation means taking risks?

Indeed, but we should not understanding this risk as something negative or foolish. In fact, not innovating may involve real risk for a brand.

And as I said before, for me the risk is nothing more than to keep evolving, keep walking, and keep creating. And this type of attitude can never be something negative.

People have a thing for uniqueness. This type of remembrance not only affects the distinction between brands, but also the innovation in your own brand, that is what people remember. And this is why we have to risk and try always to innovate.