Advertising as the basis for your event

It is crucial to develop a good creative concept of your event and try to impress your audience. Nevertheless, no matter how brilliant it could be, or how exceptionally produced, if communication is not correctly executed, and the event is not enough publicized, it will become unnoticed, and all the efforts will be useless.

It is crucial to be aware of advertising and its importance to use it to our advantage.

Advertising is not just bout sponsoring, and these strategies will be key to a successful event:

  • Pre-event communication action. A good idea is to elaborate press releases and send them to the media in line with the event profile so they can cover it.
    We can also use social networks to announce the celebration, if these are not very effective, we can use Adwords and SocialAdds that will help to reach a wider audience.
  • Content Marketing. A good idea is to announce in advance the content of your event, so that the speakers and participants can confirm their participation and attract the target audience.
  • Selected sponsors and patrons. They are the visible face of your event. This requires an exhaustive work to have everything under control, as the personalities and brands participating in the event have to match the event values and concept. Bonus: They can also announce the event through their digital profiles.
  • Reward loyal followers. Offer some type of advantage or promotion to the first attendance confirmations. This may serves as a premise for future events, to retain your audience.

These small strategies will help to boost any event and maximize its objectives. Remember that the greatest event is nothing without an effective communication strategy behind. If people do not know about, it does not exist.