A blank page for your storyboard

Storyboards are a very popular resource even nowadays to design cartoons or illustrations, similar to those of a comic strip, but much more simple. Storyboards allows to obtain an outline of the operational standards needed in a video shooting, but they also show in a graphic, visual way how a certain product or service will work.

Storyboards originated in the industry of film and television. The pioneers of this creative technique were the Walt Disney studios that used storyboards in order to show animators how a film was to be prior to start the illustration process. With the current role of digital marketing, this resource has become increasingly important outside its two original spheres, due to the incessant use of videos to create brand content.

What is the use of a storyboard?

Storyboards provide a good working basis for any video shooting. They are the reference structure reflecting all the different steps to be followed: images of the shots needed before start filming, and all the elements that must appear in every sequence. In all, is the best way to portrait the ideas and concepts that we want to transmit with the final video.

How to create a storyboard?

We do not need many resources, but simply a physical or digital blank page or a good graphic design tool. At this point, it should be consider what our main objectives are, and what we have to do in order to attain them.

To create our storyboard, we should first to check the technical script and thus selecting the most relevant shots to be included in it.

Once we have set the content to be featured, we can start to draw the sketches. It is important to depict them as clear and simpler as possible, so all the team involved in the project can understand exactly the idea.

Finally, we will add some comments in each slide, as notes for the developer, including content description, camera movements and angles, etc.